I have a lot of regret.

"I’m gonna tell someone I love them so I can attempt to hold on to them for the rest of my life"

The logic of almost everyone my age.

I just wanna kiss someone and have someone tell me they like me. 

My half brother kinda sucks and doesn’t talk to me or my sister because his fiancé thinks I’m gay because I like craft beer and because my sister said something she didn’t like. Almost 20 and I still don’t understand what people are fucking thinking. 


I’m excited for summer because I’m just gonna work and go to festivals and shows and hang with my friends and just be relieved that I’ll be able to do something and I can’t fuck it up.

I just want someone to kiss and trust and do cool shit with.

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday today and I didn’t know.
Next week is my brother’s birthday and I’m probably going to forget that.
I’m not good at Birthdays.

I don’t know what love is and I don’t think I ever want to know what love is.

I am so excited to learn shit tomorrow and then come home and drink a 40.

School is a waste of my time because most majors are fucking stupid (at least to me) and if there’s something I really like I have to get really good grades and transfer. Bleh. I should just get my shit together because it’s not like I have to fucking pay for school.