What Would I Do If You Came Back?

There are things that will always eat you up because you know you could’ve done a better job being a better person.

A year from now I don’t want to be doing the same things. I want to be making progress as a person.

I didn’t move here for a lot of reasons and I want to cry and sleep and forget I had this thought. Chicago was really pretty to me at one point and I stopped myself from coming here.

I still wouldn’t wish this shit on anyone not even you.

Sometimes I can be very simple and I just want that to be enough for someone to love me.

My day consisted of what you expect from a 20 year old who had nothing to do all day.

I might have a personal blog but I don’t even talk about anything that personal on here.

The most awkward thing is when you try to be very not obvious about something on the internet or irl and it just doesn’t work out.

Do you ever have a crush and you’re like “wow I barely know you but we should get to know each other because your music taste is perfect and you look like the perfect person to not let me down” just me? Okay.

Thank you for listening to me ramble about things that aren’t important in your life. I really appreciate it.