What Would I Do If You Came Back?

I don’t really like myself in any way and I don’t really like anyone or anything.

I’m so focused on things that don’t even matter. I’m 20 and I have to change things really quick.

This kid is complaining about the massive amount of mids we just bought to bake with.

There are things that will always eat you up because you know you could’ve done a better job being a better person.

A year from now I don’t want to be doing the same things. I want to be making progress as a person.

I didn’t move here for a lot of reasons and I want to cry and sleep and forget I had this thought. Chicago was really pretty to me at one point and I stopped myself from coming here.

I still wouldn’t wish this shit on anyone not even you.

Sometimes I can be very simple and I just want that to be enough for someone to love me.

My day consisted of what you expect from a 20 year old who had nothing to do all day.

I might have a personal blog but I don’t even talk about anything that personal on here.