I have a lot of regret.

"I don’t know how to say let’s just be friends so I’m just going to call you my best friend."

I’ve been wanting to kill myself since the year started but if you don’t succeed you rack up bills and people just think you’re weird. If you die you just die and you’re put out of all the misery you think you live in. It’s only April. I’ll keep my head up high and I won’t give up because I told myself I never would give up again.

Part of me wants to be like I got fired because I’m black but that’s the angry part of me. Realistically I got fired for being late twice in a 4 month span and not doing inspection one day out of the whole time working there. I find it hilarious that someone that wasn’t me was going to get fired and then they weren’t getting fired and then I got fired.

Life is way more rad when you forget about the past and the things that made you sad.

"I’m gonna tell someone I love them so I can attempt to hold on to them for the rest of my life"

The logic of almost everyone my age.

I just wanna kiss someone and have someone tell me they like me. 

My half brother kinda sucks and doesn’t talk to me or my sister because his fiancé thinks I’m gay because I like craft beer and because my sister said something she didn’t like. Almost 20 and I still don’t understand what people are fucking thinking. 


I’m excited for summer because I’m just gonna work and go to festivals and shows and hang with my friends and just be relieved that I’ll be able to do something and I can’t fuck it up.

I just want someone to kiss and trust and do cool shit with.